Why We Believe Solar Energy Is the Future of Renewable Energy

Why We Believe Solar Energy Is the Future of Renewable Energy

Why We Believe Solar Energy Is the Future of Renewable Energy

There’s no doubt that the world is going through an energy transformation and fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy sources of all kinds (wind, solar, hydro, etc.). National governments have set goals to reduce their carbon emissions and include cleaner technologies in their energy mix. On the other hand, people are more aware of climate change and want to contribute to reducing these emissions besides saving on their electricity bills.

Renewable energy has become a reality not only because of climate change concerns but also because of the fuel crises around the world. Countries also want to be more independent, and people are looking to secure their energy access, so they can continue having the commodities they do now.

Even though it has been a long journey and challenges regarding supply chain and inflation have come along the road, the cost of renewable energy is at its lowest point in history. Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Biomass are the biggest renewable energy used nowadays, and they have been integrated into the energy mix. However, solar energy has proven to be the future of renewable energy.

Solar Energy Vs Wind Energy:

  • Solar energy can be installed in several types of structures like roofs, walls, windows, and carports, among others. Furthermore, solar energy requires way less space and therefore it is feasible to install the system in highly populated areas. Solar energy is more practical and offers more flexibility.
  • Solar energy is more predictable and therefore it represents fewer risks for the energy providers when assessing and evaluating grid performance and requirements.
  • Since solar energy consists of zero moving parts it requires less maintenance than wind energy systems. Furthermore, the wind blades need to be replaced at 20 years and they often are sent to the trash. On the other hand, solar PV systems last about 30 years, and the PV panels can be either recycled or donated to other projects.
  • Solar panels produce zero noise
  • Solar energy can be installed close to the owners, which decreases transmission losses.
  • It has been shown that when you install PV panels on your home, it gets more value.

Solar Energy Vs Hydro Energy

  • Solar energy doesn’t modify the landscape or environment and can be installed in a few months compared to hydropower plants.
  • Hydropower plants have a large set of requirements for the land to be used, while solar PV plants can be installed everywhere.
  • The initial investment cost of hydropower plants is twice as higher as solar PV plants.
  • Hydropower plants have moving parts that imply higher maintenance requirements. Furthermore, in cold temperatures, the freezing pipes can affect the hydropower plant’s performance.

Solar Energy Vs Biomass Energy

  • Solar energy systems can be installed in other spaces other than fertile lands.
  • Biomass generates pollutant components and acids.
  • Solar energy efficiency is higher than biomass. 19 % against around 1 %.
  • The type of energy produced by solar is more versatile. One could use the electricity to cook on an electric stove, but we don’t use thermal energy to power lights or laptops.

Besides all mentioned above solar energy is the biggest source of energy in the world. Solar technology has been improving efficiency so that we can use this source in a more efficient way.