We have devoted our lives to Solar PV. Here’s a sneak peek of our services.
We have devoted our lives to Solar PV.

Energy Audit

How about using less electricity to power your home, office or institutional facilities? By assessing how you’re currently using electricity, we can come up with complete solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and save on emissions.

Feasibility Analysis

The amount of solar opportunities are near endless and more often than not it can be hard to figure out where and how to invest best. Let us help you find the system that best matches your goal and individual situation.

System Design

Translating your vision into tangible results is what we do best. With your goal in mind, we will design the most optimal Solar PV system, configured to operate as efficiently as humanly possible.


Even the most carefully selected equipment and best designed system needs proper installation to function. That’s where our electricians, specialized completely in solar installation, come into play.

Operation & Maintenance

We’re with you all the way – from installing key systems that continuously monitor performance to implementing preventive and proactive maintenance measures that ensure the best conditions for your PV system.

Solar Strategy

Whatever your goal – saving on bills at home, leading your corporation towards a better, more socially responsible future, or meeting your 2030 targets – we know the strategy to make it happen. We’re 100% solar focused.

Project Management

Solar projects consist of a multitude of tasks and both time and coordination is of the essence. We have the experience, the tools, the knowledge, and the availability to make it all happen. Let’s talk.

Funding & Applications

You’re not the only one that’s realized solar is the future. There’s plenty of funds available – from public incentive programs to private organizations offering support – you just have to know where to look and how to apply. Let us help.

The energy landscape is changing.
It’s about time to change with it.
The energy landscape is changing. It’s about time to change with it.
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